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24 Needle Mtuft Pro

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24 Needle Mtuft Pro

The Mtuft Pro - a new approach to tufting.

Setting a new balance between flexibility and productivity, we are pleased to introduce the Mtuft Pro. The Mtuft Pro produces product up to 5.0m wide and can, in some configurations, have 100 times the productivity of the Sample Mtuft.

  • Custom Carpets
  • Short Production Runs
  • Exclusive Products
  • Carpet Samples


  • Interchangeable gauge parts (change over in less than 1 hour).
  • Product width of up to 5 Mt.
  • Select the number of needles to use. You can balance the changeover/setup time and the run time. (number of needles = number of packages)
  • Construction capabilities of product from the Mtuft Pro include:
    • Cut
    • Loop Single Roll (used in cut and loop)
    • Multi Roll
    • Level Cut Loop
    • Single End Height Control
  • In Straight or Staggered Needle Bar


Model TMP21
Number of Yarn Positions 24
Maximum Tufting Width 2100 mm
Required Backing Width Tufting width + 100 mm
Dimensions WxHxD mm 4200 x 2000 x 1500
Machine Mass 2400 Kg
Internal Roll Max Diameter 500 mm
External Roll Max Diameter 800 mm
Machine Speed Max 1200 rpm
Product Take-up Customer supplied
Creel Customer supplied
Power Requirements 400-415V 3 phase 20A
Air Requirements 200-300 lit/min @ 8 bar

All specifications subject to change without notice



Our customers are telling us that this machine will be very useful in many areas. To date interest has been for the following applications;

  • Sample “production” or multiple samples, or make room size mock ups.
  • Production of tufted rugs, particularly those of limited numbers and using higher value fibres.
  • Make smaller area plain wall to wall carpets (traditional “pass machine”).
  • Tufted start-ups – giving the flexibility of different constructions with one machine.
  • Wanting to reduce waste and add value to small quantities of residual yarn.

First machine shipped July, 2011.



Mtuft Pro Brochure

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