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Hollow Needle

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Hollow Needle

The Hollow Needle Mtuft is a single needle tufting machine for the production of broadloom carpets and rugs. Up to 4 yarns can be tufted through one hollow needle. Gauge, stitch rate, pile height and needle shift are all controlled electronically.

Needle shift patterns can be "drawn" onto the touch screen enabling the creation of unique zig-zag patterned product. The machine produces loop pile only. A broadloom shear can then be used to create tip shear and cut-loop effects.


Single Needle – Variable Height Loop The Hollow Needle Mtuft uses a single needle with up to 4 yarns. The pile height is controlled by a servo yarn feed. A touch screen user interface allows easy entry of simple patterns and needle shift profiles, or more complex patterns can be imported in a range of formats.

Roll to Roll - The Hollow Needle Mtuft accepts a full roll of primary backing and features a product take-up at the rear of the machine.

Shearing - The Hollow Needle Mtuft produces loop pile only. For cut and loop or tip sheared effects a shearing system is used.

Yarn Types Generally Yarn will be supplied from 2 or 3 packages, with the following recommended specifications:

2 yarns fed from 2 packages

  • 2 yarns each 780 Tex 3 ply (260x3)
  • Twist level of singles 150 tpm
  • Twist level of 3 ply 80 tpm

3 yarns fed from 3 packages

  • 3 yarns each 600 Tex 2 ply (300x2)
  • Twist level of singles 150 tpm
  • Twist level of 2 ply 110-120 tpm


Model TMHN40 TMHN50
Speed Max 1200 rpm
Production 2 Mt sq/hr (20/10 cm and 6mm gauge) at 1200 rpm
Pile Height Typical 4 to 20 mm
Stitch Rate Typical 10 to 40 stitches/10 cm
Product Width Max 4000 mm Max 5000 mm
File Format .bmp .tif
Width 5400 mm 6400 mm
Depth 1400 mm
Height 1800 mm
Mass 2000 kg
Machine Environment
Power Requirements 220/240V AC 50/60 Hz 10A single phase
Air Requirements 500 lit/min @ 5 bar / 18 cfm @ 70 psi

All specifications subject to change without notice



"The Hollow Needle Mtuft from Modra Technology is astounding in its flexibility and accuracy. The machine is built using high quality components and produces a very high standard of loop pile carpet.

The hollow needle allows a very wide range of yarn specification (or mix of specificaton) to be used – each with a unique look.

It is extremely economical to run – with the extensive yarn detection sensors it can be left to run on its own – No Labour is required to run the product."

Friedel Steinweg
Supertuft - Dandenong, Australia



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Hollow Needle MTUFT Brochure

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Hollow Needle MTUFT Brochure - Chinese



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