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The only sampling machine in the world for Axminster and woven carpets.

If you make Axminster/woven carpet, you need the Kibby.

It is essential for product development and your marketing strategy. This machine makes it possible to show your customer full-sized product samples in as little as 80 minutes (G6.300 model).

The Kibby allows almost infinite possibilities in design and colour to produce beautiful Axminster/woven samples.


  • Knot detection system.*
  • Quieter by 3db - this means that 2 Kibby G6.300 machines running together have the same sound energy as 1 Kibby G5.300!*
  • New servo motors for faster corner set and no calibration required when the machine is first turned on.*
  • Industrial PC with Windows 10 and touch screen.*
  • Cloud connectivity for remote monitoring of machine status.*
  • G5.200 model - 200 inserts per minute.
  • G6.300 model – 300 inserts per minute.
  • Pegboard sizes of 450x450mm or 500x500mm for all machines.
  • Full sample in as little as 1 hour.*
  • Rapid re-colouring of samples – only 1 package of each colour required.
  • Input patterns as .bmp, .jpg, .pat or .tif.
  • Operates with all types of yarns including wool, nylon, polypropylene, air entangled, twisted.

*Available on the G6.300 model only


Model G5.200 New Model!
Speed (max inserts per minute) 200 300
Number of Colours Up to 20
Yarn Types Wool, Synthetic, Air Entangled, Twisted
Pile Height Control Yes
Pegboards Included 3 5
Time to produce a simple 7x8, 500x500mm sample Approx. 120 mins Approx. 80 mins
Noise Rating 76 dB A 73 dB A
Motors Stepper Servo
Safety Curtains No Yes
High Density Pegboards (7x11 & 7x12) No Yes
Guide-set-up Tool No Yes
Windows PC No Yes
Knot Detection No Yes
Cloud Connectivity No Yes
Machine Dimensions, Requirements and Environment
Dimensions (assembled) 1700 x 1500 x 2250mm (LWH)
67” x 60” x 89” (LWH)
Mass 200 Kg / 440 lb
Power Requirements 220 / 240v 50/60 Hz 10A
Air Supply 400 lit/min @ 6 bar 600 lit/min @ 6 bar
Environment and Normal Operating Temperature 10 – 25 Degrees Celsius, in a clean & dry environment
(5 – 95% humidity non-condensing)

All specifications subject to change without notice



"A powerful weapon" - Textil Tabacow, Brazil

"We use the Kibby all the time. A great deal of business has been made viable due to the very fast sample production possible with the Kibby. Speed is certainly the principle advantage of the Kibby. Other advantages are the lack of interruption of production and the low cost of samples, because only a small amount of yarn is needed. For companies like Tabacow, that work mainly in the contract market, always developing personalised projects, the Kibby is without doubt a powerful weapon."

João Maiellaro, Textil Tabacow, Americana City, Brazil.

"This machine is excellent for reproducing Wilton and Axminster design samples," Wools of New Zealand, UK.

"I am responsible for the day to day running of the Wools of New Zealand Design and Development Centre pilot plant where we sample for carpet manufacturers from all over the world. Here in the UK we have a significant number of carpet sampling machines, 3 of which are Kibby pegboard machines.

We have a had a relationship with Modra Technology for at least 8 years and have used the Kibby Carpet Sampling Machine successfully in our Development Department. We have found that this machine is excellent for reproducing Wilton and Axminster design samples."

John Bentham, Pilot Plant Manager, Wools of New Zealand Design and Development Centre


Finishing the Kibby Sample

This video demonstrates - Backing the sample using the DK25SP Sample Backing Press Hotmelt Sheet material.

Shearing the sample using hand shears.


Kibby Brochure 2019 preview.png
Kibby Brochure

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Kibby 2019 Brochure CH.png
Kibby Brochure - Chinese



Kibby Customer Reference List '19
Kibby Reference List

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Kibby G5 Model Range Discussion

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