The Modra MACHINERY Range

G5 Kibby


Kibby - Axminster Carpet Sampling Machine


The Kibby Carpet Sampling Machine was originally developed because leading carpet manufacturers desperately needed a machine to produce carpet samples consistently, efficiently and cheaply. It sets a new benchmark in performance, design and flexibility, with technological advances that will benefit your business.

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Mtuft - Tufted Carpet Sampling Machine


The Mtuft tufted carpet sample machine is a single needle per colour carpet tufting machine and introduces a unique concept in tufted carpet product development and sample making.

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Backing PressBacking Press


Finishing Options for Samples (Backing & Shearing)

DK25SP Sample Backing Press & Shearing Options

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Hollow Needle Mtuft











Hollow Needle Mtuft


High value loop pile in broadloom and rugs

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Introducing the Robotic Creeling System

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Multi Needle Machine

Mtuft Pro

The multi needle Mtuft Pro tufting machine was developed to address what Modra Technology believe is an unoccupied region between tufted sampling and tufted production machinery - a position somewhere between our Mtuft Sample Machine and conventional full width tufting machinery. While the Modra Mtuft Sample machine is fast to set up and flexible in usage, from a production perspective it is slow. At the other extreme conventional tufting machines are fast but generally limited to the configuration they were designed for (i.e. the gauge is not changeable). For Production tufting machines the (creel) changeover labour cost is high. The Mtuft Pro is our attempt to give new opportunities in this gap. - Read more about the Mtuft Pro